Our cleaning how-to


So, here we are! The hour is advanced, the days are getting longer, the light is waiting for us at the end of the work day. The light returns in our lives and gives us desire to refresh our nest before leaving our hibernation.

Whether you call it spring cleaning, spring cleansing, deep cleaning, or a thorough cleaning, the ambition is clear: to create the same renewal inside that you see coming through the windows. This tradition seems to have a different meaning for each culture that practices it. We notice that it is especially present in countries with cold winters. When warmer weather arrives, it allows us to open the windows, which is convenient to let the dust out. And as long as you're dusting, why not wash the whole thing?

Let's go! We put the textiles on the clothesline, we clean the tote drawer, we go from the winter wardrobe to the summer one, we organize the flat cupboard (we know that you close the door quickly to avoid falls), we change the burnt bulbs, we check the batteries of the smoke detector. Alouette. The list is long!

Let's face it, spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. Don't be discouraged just yet, we can help. As the saying goes: one room a day keeps the dirt away for (almost) ever! So pick one room or a few tasks per day. It's less daunting and gives you time to clear your head after scrubbing. In fact, why not plan a little activity after each room you wash?

There's nothing like a good musical playlist to boost the efficiency needed for spring cleaning. This year, for spring cleaning, create the one that will bring back your vacation memories and call forth those to come. Why not name it ... Mediterranean Wave? (You'll see, we're on to something.)

It's tempting to give your house a makeover when nature is getting nice - we want to turn the living room around too. We've spent the winter in there and we may be a little tired of seeing the same old decor. Why not make exchanges with our entourage? The same way we do with clothes, but with pillows, posters, decorative objects. A green solution to change your decor at no cost.

Another tip? Take the time to do what you say you're going to do, but never do: print out the photos from your last vacation. Choose some nice frames - this is actually a pretty easy item to find second hand - and dress up your walls. You can even use frames that you already have and replace the photos that date back to the time when you had to develop them to see them!

Now it's time to answer the big question: what's the right cleaning product to use. (We should have talked about this first, but we wanted to save the best for last).

If we told you we'd found a way to make every room in the house feel like the ocean, would you want to know our trick? If you were offered the chance to have it smell like the ocean when you came home, would you take it? If we got our hands on the fresh-scented cleaning product that makes you feel like you're on vacation, would you want to know what it is?

Yes ? Here we go!

(Hints: 🌊🌼🌀🏖☀️)

Hertel is taking advantage of this long-awaited season to add a new fragrance to its range of multi-surface disinfectant cleaning products: Mediterranean wave, an oceanic scent with notes of small flowers and lavender.

Like the other products in the same line, this multi-surface household cleaner is specially designed to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the home. Versatile and practical, it easily dissolves grease and eliminates dirt quickly. It is also effective in removing stubborn stains.

However, just because Hertel Mediterranean Wave can wash almost everything at once doesn't mean we have to follow it!


Since it's an all-purpose household product, why not break out of the routine and pick up the daily chore. It's like replacing small chores with small surprises.

The plus? It's biodegradable, and since it's a dilutable all-purpose cleaner, one bottle saves you from buying several more. It's good for you and the ocean.

Since spring comes around every year - lucky you! - take this opportunity to avoid redundancy and incorporate a fresh new scent into your home.

Hertel Mediterranean wave,

💦 it 's like having the sea in your cabinets,

🪣 it's like carrying the ocean in a bucket,

🏡 it's like traveling without leaving the comfort of your home,

🐚 it's like a shell, you can almost hear the waves when you open the bottle.

This year, the vacations start indoors with Hertel Mediterranean Wave Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner. We promise you, it'll give you an ocean breeze wherever it goes!