Our cleaning how-to

Spring - At last, we’re coming back to life!

It's the month of Aries and the stars are aligned: spring has arrived! The days are getting longer and warmer. We feel like going out and celebrating the rebirth of nature. Here are some fun ideas to make the most of this season that never lasts long enough:

  • Go out and eat on a terrace before they all fill up.
  • Have your first picnic of the year, as soon as you find a patch of grass that’s cleared of snow.
  • Worried you'll miss the snow? Go hiking in the mountains, there will probably be some left at the top!
  • Eat your first popsicle, even if there's still some ice on the ground (bonus points if you make it yourself with the last of the frozen fruit from the past summer).
  • Try out a new sport. We recommend what we call “mop hockey”: slip a sponge on the end of your field hockey stick, equip yourself with Hertel’s all-purpose cleaning and disinfecting products, then take a tour of the condo, working hard in the corners and outwitting the chair legs!

We wish you a very breezy springtime!