Our cleaning how-to

Spring - The only list you’ll need!

It's time for spring cleaning. Open your windows wide, put on a summer playlist, gather all your Hertel cleaning and disinfecting products (pssst! choose your favourite fragrances)... You're ready to go!

In every room

  • Clean the curtains and fabrics
  • Clean the door handles and light switches
  • Dust the walls
  • Clean the windows


  • Clean the fan
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Reorganize the products
  • Clean and rearrange the medicine cabinet
  • Verify products' expiration dates and dispose of expired products appropriately
  • Throw away those "barely any left"-bottles and put the containers in the recycling bin
  • Return expired medications to the drugstore
  • Throw away makeup that's more than two years old (three months old in the case of mascara)


  • Move appliances to clean behind them
  • Clean the stove hood
  • Sort out the pantry
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean and reorganize the inside of the cabinets
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher


  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Flip the mattress
  • Sort your clothes and carefully organize the ones you choose to keep
  • Locate donation boxes in the neighbourhood to dispose of your items

Living room

  • Clean the chairs and cushions
  • Vacuum the couch
  • Clean and vacuum the carpets and rugs
  • Dust the lamp shades with a self-adhesive clothes roller


  • Dust the work surfaces and screens
  • Sort your papers and documents
  • Shred old invoices—make sure to inquire with the various companies as to how long the documents must be kept

Important note: before you throw anything away, ask yourself if it can be recycled, repaired, sold or donated.

When the last item on the list is checked off and you feel that awesome sense of accomplishment, think of us!

Keep clean and carry on!