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Winter - Good resolutions?

You won't find here the traditional article encouraging you to make a gazillion resolutions that you probably won't keep. Instead, we'll give you some tips on how to avoid taking on overly ambitious projects that you'll have a hard time completing.

Small steps

In our opinion, there’s no point in making resolutions that are too time-consuming. It's better to set smaller goals that will lead to a bigger change. Be honest with yourself—come clean! Why not take it just one step further each week? Or even each month? Pick the pace that works for you, stay in one of those stages a while longer if you feel it's harder to adapt to it, and switch things up if you realize the original plan isn't working. Be attentive to your needs! Keep your end goal in mind, but remember that every little step is a success.

Positive intentions

Resolution should never be synonymous with restriction. We’re used to making resolutions to put a stop to negative behaviour. Why not do the opposite? Your resolution could be aimed at doing more activities that bring you joy. like going to the movies more often, discovering a new café every week, finding the best poutine in your area, seeing your friends more frequently... All ideas are good, as long as they add something positive to your life!

Cleaning more often, but just for a bit!

We know you probably think about the cupboards you don't keep tidy, the dust sitting on top of your fridge and the lime stains in your shower. We also know you don't want to spend your whole day scrubbing. There's no need to try to do everything at once, it's just too daunting! As with your goals for the year, take it easy and think about cleaning in stages. Take the opportunity to do something you love at the same time, like discovering new music or listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Bonus: pick your favourite Hertel cleaning scent or try a new Hertel disinfectant to make your cleaning even more satisfying!

Whatever your resolutions, we wish you a clean slate this year!