Our cleaning how-to

Fall - Time to rest

Back-to-school fever has passed, the leaves have fallen and the days are getting colder.

It's time to make yourself comfortable at home, to enjoy the peace and quiet and keep your worries at bay. We’re inspired by the Scandinavian way of life: we aim to recreate the feeling of that cozy second day of the holidays, sitting in front of a fireplace, with the lights dimmed and most importantly with time on our hands.

Instructions manual:

  1. Light a few candles.
  2. Cook a gratin dish (we have a soft spot for onion soup!).
  3. Turn off your wifi.
  4. Put your cell phone in another room.
  5. Get comfortable with a big, warm blanket.
  6. Open a book from your already dangerously high reading pile.
  7. Repeat these steps at least once a week.

After enjoying these precious hours of cocooning alone, why not share a moment with friends?

Instructions manual:

  1. Invite some friends over for a casual evening.
  2. Play a jazz or folk playlist.
  3. Pour some wine or hot cider for your guests.
  4. Gather around a cheese fondue.
  5. After dinner, move over to the living room to play your favourite board game.

But aren't we forgetting about housekeeping? Don't worry about that! Unlike spring cleaning, we recommend that you do just a little, and spread the tasks over several days. Each day can be dedicated to its own room and its own cleaning product, in order to maintain that Scandinavian spirit of slowness.