Window and mirror


Can't see clearly? Get sparkling clean windows easily with 2 or 3 sprays of Hertel Window Cleaner and a lint-free cloth. No more of that household cleaning product left? Hertel All-Purpose Concentrated Multi-Cleaner is also a life-saver: a little diluted solution on a terry cloth and you're good to go!

We want you to take it easy, so here's one of our little extra tips: ultra-absorbent, heavy-duty paper towels contain resins that can leave streaks on windows. To avoid this, choose an economical, lesser version instead! Another tip: since the sun dries the product on your windows quite quickly and can leave streaks, take advantage of cloudy days to clean them. That way, you'll be free to go on adventures when the weather is nice!

And you know what else? You can use the same cleaner on your mirrors: same method, same result!