Proudly certified

When cleaning
really stinks.
Catch a
Mediterranean Wave.

Life is
a whirlwind.
Hertel has a
product for that!

Hertel understands this and designs products that respond to this reality:
effective and biodegradable, professional quality and affordable,
simple and practical.

Stainless steelAcrylicChromeToilet bowlEnamelFiberglass
Stainless steelAcrylicChromeToilet bowlEnamelFiberglass

minimum effort.

With the wide range of Hertel cleaning products
you can always find the right product for the right job.
It's like getting a helping hand in a jiffy
without lifting a finger.

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Hertel is brilliant!

Whether you like it or not, washing is always a good idea and choosing effective and biodegradable products is even better!

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There are all kinds of reasons to clean up. Hertel has never been shy about showing everyday life as it is.

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A brilliant story that began more than 50 years ago