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Odour eliminator bathroom disinfectant

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Spray the surface and let the product penetrate dirt and stains. Rinse and wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

Technical informations



Shelf life

1 year


Do you feel like you’re forever cleaning house? Like bad odours linger no matter how thorough you are? With its Odour Eliminating technology, Hertel cleans traces left by a busy life.

Hertel Odour Eliminator Bathroom is specially formulated to fight the odours of bathroom at the source and eliminate soap scum, rings and hard water stains.

Odor Eliminating Mechanism

Malodors are volatile. Our technology binds with malodors and results in an odorless complex. Our technology eliminates the malodor on a molecular level.

Ideal for these surfaces:

Garbage cans / Walls and Shower Doors / Bath / Wash Basin / Toilet / Ceramic Seals and Tiles.

Biodegradable and Phosphate Free. Not tested on animals.

Tips and tricks


Your roommate left the bathroom dirty and smelling bad? Never again thanks to Hertel Odour Eliminator Bathroom, which gets rid of it all in no time.

Shower curtain

To eliminate soap scum and hard water stains on your shower curtain, spray it with Hertel Odour Eliminator Bathroom, scrub with a cloth and rinse with water. Cleaning is even easier if you do it just after the shower has been used, since steam helps free dirt from the surface.

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