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Multisurface Disinfectant Cleaner

Hertel MultiSurface Disinfectant Cleaner is ideal for cleaning large surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings, and for making them shine. It also makes your job easier – there is no need to rinse or dry so it is almost effortless!

Biodegradable and phosphate-free, Hertel MultiSurface Disinfectant Cleaner leaves a fresh, clean scent throughout your home.

Hibiscus and Gardenia

With this sunny and floral fragrance, Springs invites itself into your home. Inspired by the exotic combination of hibiscus and gardenia flowers, its delicate scent will simply enchant your senses.


TO DISINFECT hard non porous surfaces: Pre-clean surfaces prior to disinfection. Apply the Hertel Multi Surface directly on the surface and let stand for 10 minutes before rinsing and wiping clean.

CLEANING: Dilute 125 mL into 8 litres of water. Apply onto surface using a cloth or a well wrung mop. No need to rinse or dry.

Tips and tricks


Weekly cleaning

Use one of the Hertel All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner fragrances for your weekly cleaning. With their versatility and exhilarating scents, these products enhance the time you spend on this chore!

Clean floors

To remind your children to take off their shoes before entering the room when you’ve just cleaned the floor, use one of the two Hertel All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner fragrances. The scent will let them know that the floor is freshly washed!


Pantry and cabinets

Use Hertel All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner, diluted in a bit of water in the sink, to clean and freshen your kitchen pantry and cabinets.

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Shelf life

2 years