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Everything on Hertel’s cleaning products

Hertel wishes to offer a large line of cleaning products to allow you to have the right product for the right job.  Your home is unique and our products are here to make it shine, as long as possible.

Hertel’s line of cleaning products includes:

Multi-surface Odour eliminator

All-purpose Odour eliminator

Hertel all-purpose concentrated multi-cleaner

Ylang and Jasmine

Hertel all-purpose concentrated multi-cleaner

Fresh Scent

Everything, for everything

With Hertel’s cleaning products, cleaning your home isn’t a hassle anymore.

Hertel’s cleaning products line allows you to clean and disinfect:

– Kitchen –

– Bathroom –

– Floors –

– Hard surfaces –

– Windows –


Hertel local cleaning products

For more than 50 years, the Hertel brand, born in Sainte-Foy, offers a variety of 17 cleaning products, available in all supermarkets, pharmacies and malls throughout Quebec.