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Hertel Odour Eliminating: cleans the stuff that stinks.

A range of cleaning product featuring exclusive Odour Eliminating Technology which destroys the molecules responsible for bad odours, right at the source.

How does our technology work?

Dirty little molecules! You’re right to blame them, because they’re the reason objects stink. And which is why Odour Eliminating Technology attacks them head on. Our technology attracts smelly molecules like a magnet, and renders them completely odourless.

All Purpose

Hertel All Purpose Odour Eliminating cleans any surface that stinks. The lunch box you forgot at the office last month. The microwave where the bechamel exploded. That little splatter of fish on the counter. Even your teen’s garbage can.

What's the plus


Use Hertel Bathroom Odour Eliminating after a little spill around the toilet to remove dirt in the bathtub and on ceramic, and even the sink that can sometimes smells like morning breath.

What's the plus


Hertel Multisurface Odour Eliminating is ideal for big jobs like the floor that stinks after the party got messy. The edge of the cat box. And even walls that smell like smoke. Because yes, even walls can stink.

What's the plus

Cleans the stuff that stinks

(See demonstration)

We called upon the talents of Montreal illustrator Brother Merle Artwork to illustrate our ads. A filthy choice, because some of his favourite subjects are… garbage cans and toilets. In short, the stuff that stinks!

See his work