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Here are some tips to get your car, motorcycle or RV all shiny and bright.

First, park your vehicle in the shade if you can. You’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll get better results.

Start by dusting the console and solid surfaces inside the vehicle with a damp cloth soaked in your bucket of water and Hertel Multi.

Once the inside is clean, douse the outside with the water and Hertel Multi, and wipe it with a sponge or microfibre cloth from the top down. Scrub highly soiled areas, and rince them if necessary. If your rims are really dirty, it’s best to wash them last.

When you’re done, rince the vehicle thoroughly to get rid of any trace suds. Then, dry the body with a shammy or microfibre cloth. The drying process is very important to get the shine you want, and to get rid of mineral deposits that water can leave behind—deposits that can damage your finish.

You’ll be impressed by how radiant your vehicle is without even waxing!