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How to clean


Hertel Multi makes it easy to get sparkling clean windows. Use the solution diluted in water and wipe your windows with a terrycloth. Prefer the […]

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To clean the dirt, mould and mildew that sometimes build up between ceramic tiles, use Hertel Bathroom Disinfectant with La Parisienne Bleach. Clean grout makes […]

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Use Hertel Multi or Hertel All Purpose concentrate diluted in water to make your hardwood floors shine without having to rinse or wipe, and without […]

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Toilet Bowl

Clean the toilet bowl every week to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mildew and germs that cause mould and bad odours. Besides disinfecting, Hertel Toilet Bowl cleaner […]

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To clean barbecue grills without a lot of scraping, use Hertel Plus. Spray on, let it stand a few minutes and wipe with a cloth […]

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Want to clean and freshen-up your kitchen pantry and cabinets? Hertel has the right solution for you. For those who like the convenience of spray […]

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BEFORE PAINTING Before repainting your walls, clean them with Hertel Multi diluted in water to remove dirt and ensure that the paint will adhere. WALLPAPER […]

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DAILY DISINFECTING IN THE KITCHEN What could be better for daily kitchen cleaning than a product that disinfects surfaces, while leaving a fresh, clean scent? […]

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Here are some tips to get your car, motorcycle or RV all shiny and bright. First, park your vehicle in the shade if you can. […]

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